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Lost Innocence
Ashe didn't know why he lusted after a mere mortal, she was beneath him, easily corruptible and impure, he was otherworldly, pure and perfect... Well that's what his previous toys had told him
Maybe it was because it seemed as if she was waiting to be corrupted by him, he knew she had stayed single all her life and she didn't club a lot like the other mortals her age. She was his for the taking
Of maybe because her blood was sweet and delicious smelling and SO his
Out maybe it was because underneath all that innocent facade, there was a sharp knife like underlayer... Like a flower with a snake waiting to strike lying underneath it
Either way, he was drawn to her like a moth to a flame
And he would do anything to have her
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 4 569
My cute Little lellow bag :iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 2 168 My birthday cake! :iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 3 37 Pizza baguettes rock! :iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 5 10
Be careful what you wish for part 5
"So, we're all gathered here today because we all need to bond. We're going to be fighting side by side and it's going to be pretty awkward if you don't know each other so today we're going to get to know each other and everyone is off duty so you can't punish people for saying things, this means you Levi"
"Tch" was the Short Corporal's only reply as he glared at the brunette scientist and that was when you walked in 
"Ah just in time ______! Everyone's off duty so you can insult and talk to everyone normally but I'm not too sure about Levi" she grinned at you before gesturing to a seat next to a now smirking Corporal "And there's an empty spot right there"
"No thank you" you replied hopping into the seat between Erwin and Mike that you saw. Looking around you saw that everyone from your trainees squad, literally EVERYONE, was there including Pixis and Mina Carolina etc 
"First, we're going to start off by introducing yourselves, just your name and something that you like"
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 3 14
Awesomeness in one package :iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 4 8
Life is a strange and fickle thing,
One minute it seems like nothing can go wrong and the next you're proven wrong,
It's odd though,
Seeing that it's the longest thing you'll ever do,
Sometimes it can be easy,
Other times it can be grueling,
Like a sport,
Except that it's not a spectator sport,
You can either choose to be brave and live for a while and enjoy life,
Or you can be cautious and not live at all,
I hope you've learnt from other people's mistakes and success,
You need to prepare yourself for that which may come,
Not everything is set in steel and stone,
It's malleable like of blood and bone
Because we live in a world where each raindrop tells a different story,
So you can't lie inside yourself for hours,
And watch life fade into nothing
In your eternal search for the truth.
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 4 18
Be careful what you wish for part 4
Faster. You had to run faster
There was no telling what he would do when he got his hands on you, he was almost as scary as Titan and you cursed your luck because today had to be the day where you delivered paperwork to Erwin's office at 3 AM and of course, today HAD to be that one day in the month where Eren literally tracked you down while he was sleeping and decided to terrorize you
You kicked the door open and dashed in carrying a large stack of papers ignoring everyone's confused looks when you yelled "Leave me alone!" to a sleepy Eren who STILL hadn't given up on chasing you
"No! Let me love you!" he lunged forward wrapping his arms around your waist knocking you down. Your arms were outstretched with the stack of papers still in tact when Hanji started cackling at your misfortune while a glaring Erwin took the papers out of your hands (He wasn't glaring at you but at Eren, why? you had no clue) and Mike tried to pry Eren off of your waist. Keyword here being "tried"
"You were ri
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 4 23
Be careful what you wish for part 3
The next day had been a little odd since Annie, who didn't like many people, sat next to you at breakfast at your usually empty table (when people mentioned you always being lonely you always responded with saying that you had your books which was a reason why you and Armin got along so well). Annie glared at everyone who stared, you knew there must have been a reason behind her sitting next to you but you didn't mind, you were just glad you had company.
What was really funny was that Hanji had been talked into letting you go to combat practice by Mike and Erwin who heard about her plans to kidnap you and spend the day in her lab, needless to say, she wasn't pleased at all 
"Are you sure? You don't have to go to combat practice you know"
"I'm sure Hanji"
"Are you sure?" Hanji opened the door and you both walked out and onto the training grounds "We can easily run away and look after my babies"
You shuddered slightly at the thought of her 'babies' Sonny and Bean. You'd had a l
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 4 20
Naomi Uzumaki outfit 1 :iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 0 4
Be careful what you wish for part 2
After your weird encounter with a certain short Corporal you had started avoiding him and somehow you'd kept this up for a week
but it was getting harder, he seemed to catch on to what you were doing and started hunting you down but by the time he got to you, you were too busy or asleep, you didn't know why he was hunting you down, maybe he wanted to punish you? Nonetheless here you were, walking into the dining Hall after Armin when a squeal interrupted your thoughts
You only had time to blink as you saw a flash of brown before the beast was upon you. Your arms were pinned to your sides and your face was squished into someone's shoulder making it REALLY hard for you to breathe. Damn this person was strong 
"A-Air" you managed to gasp but it was no use. All you could hear was squealing before those squeals turned until words 
"Hanji let the Cadet go"
"Dammit Hanji, she's turni
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 7 36
Be careful what you wish for
You closed your eyes and prayed for them not to find you. How you got into this mess with a lot of males chasing after you was a little complicated but let's rewind a bit
It started off as a wish. A completely innocent wish but you didn't realise that it would lead to THIS!

You were sitting on the roof HQ after curfew completely unaware of anything and everything when you see a shooting star cross the night sky
Not many people cared about you- some did like the girls, particularly Sasha, you liked them but couldn't help but feel jealous of them
You weren't as strong like Mikasa or Ymir, or kind or pretty like Christa, or hilarious like Sasha or cool like Annie.
You were just you. Plain old you
Your mother had once told you about shooting stars and the power they held, they could do many great things like making people fall in love or tipping the odds into your favour but the legend also came with a warning
You ignored it and wished that EVERYONE would be interested in you
The s
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 11 13
You OFFICIALLY belong to me (Yandere!Erenxreader)
(A/N: This is actually for IllumiLatte and it's a sequel to "You belong to me (Yandere!Erenxreader)". Enjoy!)
You couldn't believe this at all. Usually this was the day which most girls dreamed about (Well, apart from you) and most would usually fuss about the preparations, their gowns, their hair and their makeup and would count down the days but you found yourself dreading it
This was something you couldn't possibly fight or run away from
Yep, this was your wedding day
You stared at your reflection and you had to admit that you looked pretty damn good with the makeup making you look pure and innocent and your gorgeous (h/c) locks curled and pulled up into an elegant up-do with some pinned around the crown that you were wearing
Sighing you looked down at your dress (… and mentally cursed the man who made you wear it
Sure Eren was sweet enough back at HQ
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 18 301
Diamonds and Pearls
What are good girls truly like?
“The mother of children,” Others add,
“Future wives and bearers of children” Some correct,
But to be honest we don’t get enough appreciation,
Adults say that we gossip non-stop,
They say we sit idle at home without a care in the world,
They say we never stop complaining,
They. Are. Wrong
When we speak of our problems it means we trust you,
When we sit “Idle” it means that thousands of problems are racing through our minds,
They say we gossip?
We don’t gossip,
It’s stereotypical and degrading,
Girls like us are very hard to build up,
It take a single insult to send thousands of compliments crashing down,
Us girls adjust our lives around other people without a word of thanks,
They say that we have to get used to it,
But to all other girls out there, you aren't alone,
You are beautiful and unique in your own way,
You are as strong as diamonds,
As pretty as pearls,
And as rare as gold,
So stay that way,
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 0 3
You hear that?
Well it’s the winds of change,
Laugh all you want but is little people hear it,
You people at the tops of the food-chains will soon fall,
I can’t wait for everything to crash and burn,
Because from the ashes,
Beautiful things must rise,
Us little people may seem useless,
But together we will unite and rise,
To make a better place,
Everybody sounds off this is the call,
Unite and rise!
I know sometimes it’s crazy to fight for what you believe,
But you can’t give up if you want to keep what you love,
Everyone rise now!
And to you people at the top,
When our revolution hits your face,
And your face hits the floor,
I know that there will be a long time coming,
But you got the message now,
Cause we’re not going,
Yeah, you’re the ones that are going down!
All because we hear the winds of change,
So we will unite and rise,
Soon the world will be a better place,
All because of us little people,
Even if we are the orphans of shattered
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 0 0
Game over
I want life to slow down but it won’t wait for me,
Tic, Tic, Tic,
It’s slipping out of my grasp and I don’t know how long I've got,
Tic, Tic, Tic,
It’s like a bomb and I don’t know how long I've got left,
Tic, Tic, Tic,
My heart is in my throat and I’m so scared,
Tic, Tic, Tic,
How much longer have I got left?
Tic, Tic, Tic,
Is there enough time to say goodbye?
Tic, Tic, Tic,
Is there enough time to say that I’m sorry?
Tic, Tic, Tic,
Is there enough time to think one last happy thought?
Tic, Tic, Tic,
Am I too late for this one?
Tic, Tic, Tic,
I can already see death beads only covered in snow,
Tic, Tic, Tic,
They fell first but I’m still here as long as they are drawing near,
Tic, Tic, Tic,
Is this the end of all hope?
Tic, Tic, Tic,
Game over.
:iconjinxkatkazama:JinxKatKazama 0 3


Movie Night | Kylo Ren
      Kylo Ren x Reader

"So, Tangled or Frozen?" That was the big question; there was no 'to be or not to be' stuff going on, oh no, there was a choice between two Disney princesses, and currently...neither were winning. You sighed quietly as you watched Kylo's switch between the twin, his hand cupping his chin a little as he thought.
The ironic thing was, you've never seen him look this concentrated. Killing someone? He just slices through them with no focus. Strategy planning? He idly suggests things while trying not to look as bored as he feels. But then comes along the choice of princesses and there's the cogs, turning and twisting as he tries to decide which to watch, first. You were going to watch both, you had already decided this, you just needed to decide which one was first.
To think this was all to cheer him up. You'd walked in, intent upon cleaning it, only to be confronted with the sobbing mess called Kylo Ren. Startled, you'd froze, and when he turn
:iconladycookiecupcake:LadyCookieCupcake 35 5
Deux Claret: Barricade :iconlecidre:Lecidre 317 144 DOTM: Barricade :iconlecidre:Lecidre 837 363
The Droid That Saved You (BB-8 x Reader)
 Hey, if Poe and Kylo can get a lot of reader inserts, how come this little droid can't?
 Just some warning there's a little bit of Poe x Reader as well but not much...
"Can't we keep him?" you called out to your big sister, Rey, who was already marching ahead back to your home.
 "(Y/n), we can't keep him. He probably belongs to someone," Rey said, turning around.
 You had your arms wrapped around the little BB-unit droid, awing over its cuteness and adorableness. You came across it when both you and your sister were laying against your home, discussing over the harshness of Jakku and possibly finding a job somewhere (much to your sister's dismay as she believed your family would come back soon for both of you).
 A sound rippled through the air of a high pitched machine cry. You both got up to see where it was coming from. You saw before you a ball-like droid zooming away in a net, trapped by the scavenger riding a beast. You and Rey came over
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 152 28
The one who makes him happy. (Kylo Ren X Reader)
(There is a small spoiler so read at your own risk)
It’d has been about 15 years since Ren left his parents and changed his name to Kylo Ren. You two have been friends since birth and become closer when you two were in your early teens. He had asked you when he left if you would go with him, even though you didn’t like how the dark side was making him change. You agreed, but told his mother Leia you’d keep an eye on him and just make sure he wouldn’t do anything stupid.
But for the past 15 years you stayed by his side, helping him when he his temper flared up and just kept him company. You always kept him calm, and keep the small bit of light side left in him. But not everyone liked you. Hux being the one that disliked you. He would always tell Kylo that you were a distraction and that all his mistakes were because of you. Which would cause Kylo to get upset and like usual he would bottle it up.
This is what happened one day, you were walking aroun
:iconelfofthenorth:Elfofthenorth 140 26
Small Confession (Matt X Reader)
"So what do you think of Kylo Ren?"
The question picked up in your ears, making your curiosity and confusion pick up as you looked up from your food. Sat in front of you was a face you hadn't seen before: messy blonde hair and glasses slightly askew, you assumed this man was new to Starkiller Base.
"Do I know you?" Was all you said back.
"Oh. Sorry. I'm Matt." He replied. "I'm a radar technician-"
"I can guess that, I'm one too."
Matt opened his mouth to retort, but closed it as now words came to him. He directed his gaze to the ground, where he stared for a few seconds before he picked up his question again.
"So, about Kylo Ren?"
"What about him?" You asked, idly picking at your salad.
"Do you support him?"
"Of course I do, why do you think I work here?" You snapped back, rolling your eyes.
Matt stayed silent, feeling a slow, red anger rising in him. He clenched his jaw and tried to remain calm, which you noticed.
"I've heard he's got his eyes on someone." He said, clearing his throat
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 82 28
SebastianxDemon!Reader His Princess Ch 15
His Princess
 Chapter Fifteen:  Purification
                “My crow, please help your kitten…”
                The Crow awoke immediately from his fitful sleep when he felt the words of his kitten enter his dreams. She was in trouble. It was something so terrible as to make her reach out to him through their demonic bond. His eyes turned their fuchsia before he shot up from his rented bed and hastily threw on proper clothing. He exited his room and knocked loudly on the door adjacent to his own to wake Mey-Rin. She came to the door quickly, startled by the noise.
                “Mister Sebastian? Oh Lord, your eyes!”
:iconforevergotenandbra:forevergotenandbra 113 112
SebastianxDemon!Reader His Princess Ch 14
His Princess
 Chapter Fourteen: The Disgraced One
                It was nearly nine o’clock when The Feline saw a glow from a lantern outside of the manor. Upon inspecting the source of light from a window, she saw that there stood a carriage at the front entrance of the manor. The Feline smiled, knowing that the carriage must have contained her crow and the three servants. As she felt the stirrings of felicity in her heart, The Feline pondered as to why the pain in her neck was still so severe. If The Crow were truly here, then the pain would only be a dull throb, like times prior. She sighed, for this meant that he was not here and she would be forced to spend another lonely night in their large, and now very cold, bed. His pillow even failed to bring her comfort, for his scent had nearly dissipated from the cotton sheet. With a new sadness, she ambled h
:iconforevergotenandbra:forevergotenandbra 86 44
Right Revenge (Claude Faustus x Reader oneshot)
'If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?'
                                     - William Shakespeare
It was sunny, which was a rare feat in itself. You sat next to a large window, practicing stitch patterns on a new clothing design you had created. It was the very window your mother, your sister and yourself used to gather round when you were young, before they were murdered in their own home. The sun made your (Hair Colour) hair shimmer somewhat, your (Eye Colour) eyes hidden behind thick lashes as you focused on the work in your lap. The warmth of the light comforted you; you had always feared the dark.
"Mistress, one Ciel Phantomhive in the company of his butler would like to wish you well on your birthday."
You did not regard your demon butler, Noel, or his sudden appearance; you si
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 438 51
Web of Moonlight (Claude FaustusxReader)
You should never have strayed so far from home…
Each step you took in the darkened, omnipresent forest felt strange and foreboding.  Nothing looked the same, and the chilling, evening mist that blurred your surroundings in a pale grey haze did little to help you find your way.  You hadn’t meant to wander so deeply into the wood or be gone for so long, but time had slipped away from you without you knowing it.  Before long, your summer tradition of gathering berries turned into a seemingly hopeless venture to reach your family’s farm.
Some part of you knew better than to be afraid.  Surely you could find your way back, and if you couldn’t than someone would come looking for you.  Until then, you had nothing to fear—wolves and creatures of the like had gone extinct in the country for some time now.  Nothing could hurt you.  That knowledge brushed aside some of your worries and you pulled your cloak tighter around yourself t
:iconsilyabeeodess:SilyaBeeodess 43 22
The Beast within the Lady(BlackButlerxReader)ch2:2
Her butler, Starving Part two
You had forgotten how much you hated coming to this part of London. Filth was everywhere, from the urine and bathwater that ran down the streets with the pouring rain to the piles of horse dung and muck that covered the grey cobblestone street in a thick, sloppy layer. Everything held an overpowering stench, one that nearly had you reaching for the kerchief you kept safely tucked within the folds of your dress.
Though it was nothing like your normal garb. A dull beige chemise with a deep russet overskirt lie heavily upon your small frame, the grey over jacket you’d grabbed for warmth poorly made, it’s size too large and fabric annoyingly itchy. But comfort hadn’t been a priority. You had chosen this specific dress for one reason, and one reason alone: it helped you to blend in with the unwashed masses that strode the streets, even at this late hour.
Sebastian walked beside you, no longer in his usual black
:iconashcloudangel:AshcloudAngel 12 8
Nya~?(Sebastian x Modern Neko Reader) Chapter 18
Sebastian held a soft smile on his face as he readjusted his arms around you in an attempt to make you more comfortable. Humans are such fragile creatures. They’re also so very foolish. A demon as a favourite, you sure as hell were damned. Surprisingly though, it pleased him. He was happy to know that you preferred him over everyone else at the manor. It would make getting information out of you so much easier.
Ah yes, his task at hand. Sebastian already had a fairly good theory about you, but there were still large pieces missing from the puzzle. Sometimes the demon would wonder whether he even want to solve it. Not point on dwelling on such matters; he’d have to, no matter what. Your soft purrs mixed with the sound of the twinkling snow, which created a peaceful melody. The crunching of footstep, however, ruined the music. Sebastian leaned over slightly to see your prediction come true.
Agni was covered in a brown cloak as he hurried away from the manor, Soma was nowhere
:iconmaplemagic1245:MapleMagic1245 163 43
Miss Kitty Cat |SebxNeko!Reader|
Meirin was supposed to look after her. But one moment she stopped to clean her glasses, the woman the young master and Sebastian called Miss Kitty vanished from her sight.
She became nervous. "Ooh, where had she gone now?" She looked around but she weren't on the ground.
With a yarn between her teeth, she climbed the nearby tree easily and stealthily. When she reached the lowest branch which was fifteen feet, she got up on all four and marched to the end. There she rested and lied on her side and paused. With the yarn with her, she is nothing but at happy girl with real cat ears.
"Miss Kitty where you?" Meirin called out.
She closed her eyes as if she weren't there. She prepared to sleep.
"Aah! There you are! How am I suppose to get you down?"
Footsteps approached them. Meirin turned to see the young master and his butler.
"Meirin, what seems to be the problem? I heard you called out in distress."
"Oh ah's Miss Kitty. She-she kinda slipped past me and now I can't reach her."
:iconparsoncarter:parsoncarter 124 32
Nya~?(Sebastian x Modern Neko Reader) Chapter 17
You frowned and lowered your kitty ears. Ciel’s shouting was already quite loud, but to you they were amplified which caused your head to pound slightly. Anyone else would have stopped annoying the short earl to avoid such a situation, but Y/n L/n was not anyone else. Soma and Agni were making themselves feel right at home with the other Phantomhive servants Ooo-ing and Aaaaah-ing  at them.
Sebastian finally decided to stop the ranting and raving boy, “Master, if I may, I believe Y/n has a reason for inviting them in.”
Ciel glared at his butler before sighing in frustration, “Explain yourself.”
Your ears perked up once more as you grinned, “Well, I believe that one of those two are responsible. More specifically, I think it’s Agni. I don’t think Soma could hurt a fly, too dirty.”
Ciel stared at you sceptically,
:iconmaplemagic1245:MapleMagic1245 164 75



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Yah... I was too lazy to do it before

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
My profile says 2 years but I think it's been at least 3-4 years

What does your username mean?
... I like cats.... I like the word Jinx and Jin, Jun and Asuka Kazama (from Tekken) are some of my favourite characters so throw them together and hey presto! A username!  

Describe yourself in three words.
... Random, passionate and crazy

Are you left or right handed?
Right handed

What was your first deviation?
A picture.... Of the sky... I was really shy back then!
Yeah I'm not inserting it in here 0//////0

What is your favourite type of art to create?
Hmm.... I love drawing but I have to say fanfics would be my favourite

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Either oil painting.... Or being able to draw using a program because that stuff is not easy!

What was your first favourite?
.... I think it was a piece of fanart from Naruto

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
.... Fics...

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Hmm..... PinkIce98 and Ahiannon
... And others

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
My friend PinkIce98 or my other friend Ahiannon

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
My friend Ahiannon has given me the hope that someday, life will be easier and to never give up!

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Pencils and plain paper

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
When I'm traveling... Even if it's just on the bus, I stare out of the window and just imagine
And in rainy weather... storms are good too

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Posting my first fic and getting good reviews :)



JinxKatKazama's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
Sup bros!

I'm an author on Fan-fiction but on the side I like to draw and paint things like my OCs etc
I also love to write poetry...a LOT of it but most of it is grim and dark but they portray my feelings
I am currently 16 and am going into college in September and hoping to major in Marine Biology when I'm older
I have OCD and a few mental health problems but don't worry, I'm completely stable!
I love my phone and laptop and can't live without 'em
I'm currently obsessed with Oreos, Nutella and cream... mmmm Cream...


I am currently obsessed with Black Butler... and Attack on Titan so expect to see some fanfics on them from me ;)
If anyone has any requests at all from Black Butler or Attack on Titan then talk to me, I'll be glad to do what I can :D


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